About Us

Why Journey?

Life is precious…life is temporary…life is a gift.
Every life is going somewhere…every life is headed in some kind of direction…every life is a journey.

There are many things worth journeying or traveling towards; healthy relationships, nurturing homes, fulfilling careers, and stable finances are all good and noble causes. But we have found there is nothing more important or worthwhile than moving towards God…finding His love, knowing His truth, receiving His unbelievable, indescribable kindness. We have been designed for these purposes.

Have you ever thought that a journey is largely about motion and direction? If we are in motion towards something, but that direction is leading us away from our intended destination, then our journey is in trouble. If we are headed in the right direction but lack motion, our journey is stalled.

Where is your next step taking you? Where is your journey headed?

For us, we have determined that we will journey towards knowing God better and loving Him more. Since this destination will take us a lifetime to arrive at, we need something to guide us and measure our progress along the way. Our faith journey is marked by four signposts: Connecting, Growing, Serving, and Reaching

You and I can live on purpose. We can embrace an adventure that will challenge us to become the best possible versions of ourselves. We can follow a course that will bring us to the best possible outcome for our lives. This journey will test us and prove us, it may cost us convenience, ease, and pleasure, but what we get in return will be more priceless then we can imagine.

We can live well, and we can help others to do the same. Don’t be a spectator, join the Journey…





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