What We See


Sunday morning. Everybody welcomed. Smiling faces, outstretched hands. Hot coffee, sweet pasteries. Comfortable feel, casual clothes. Babies, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors. Music that inspires, leaves us wanting more. Messages that challenge, inform, engage. God’s presence, goodness, greatness. Personal, meaningful connection with God. Purposeful, real connection with people.



People walking new paths, finding new determination. Hearts changed, hurts healed, habits lost, relationships restored, hope found, life discovered. Digging deeper into truth. Learning how to make it work. Doing life with people from different backgrounds, races, ages, perspectives. Increasing in knowledge, dedication, passion for God.



Realizing purpose, identifying talents, developing skills. Doing the work, finding needs, filling needs. Intentional acts of kindness. Becoming one part of a whole.  Bringing Jesus to life in Journey, in Delaware. Working for the benefit of others.



Telling what God has done. Showing what God can do. Bored, disinterested, angry, doubtful, fearful finding forgiveness, faith, restoration, life in Christ. Friends, family, neighbors receiving strength, encouragement in moments of crisis. Communities influenced towards love, truth. New churches starting in differernt places. Children in dusty villages getting clean water to drink. Men, women holding their first bible. Helping others know God better, love Him more.


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